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Corinth Gulf




The Aegean is a rich and interesting area for modeller because of the quantity of interacting processes both in space and time and because it is a particularly well studied area from seismological and geological aspects which brings together loads of data to constrains models to study what is going on at the brittle ductile transition in the continental crust.

One of my PhD projects was to understand the kinematics of the active faults in the Gulf of Corinth using thermomechanical and analogue models of the rifting at crustal and lithospheric scale. The results were published in four papers.

Within the EGEO project (founded by ANR and leaded by Laurent Jolivet), I was particularly interacting with two PhD students:

Within my EMERGENCE project (founded by UPMC),:

Influence of nappe stacking at all the scale in the aegean

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Influence of lateral variation in the nappe stack on the Formation of metamorphic core complexes in 3D

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Reactivation of low angle faults in the brittle field

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Localization of strike slip fault

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